‘Arsenio’ Writer Suing Hall and CBS for $2M for Failing to Promote Him to Head Writer

A broken promise has turned into a $2 million lawsuit for The Arsenio Hall Show and CBS, where writer Paul Raff claims he was unfairly cheated out of a head writer position. As reported by Deadline, Raff – a former Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer – claims that he met with Hall and executive producer John Ferriter in August 2012, which “resulted in an agreement that Raff would be employed as head writer of the show.” Raff and Ferriter also made an agreement for Ferriter to act as his “exclusive representative” and counsel him in his career, and though the contract of the complete agreement was drafted up it was “never executed, so the parties operated pursuant to an oral agreement.”

Raff claims that although he was promised the top writing job on Hall’s show, he agreed to take on freelance work writing content for the show’s website since Ferriter “repeatedly promised that the job would dovetail into the pre-production phase of the series in the summer of 2013.” Raff even claims that Hall loved the online clips he had written but “failed to shoot more because he was lazy and afraid of failure.” Raff is suing Hall, Ferriter, CBS, and Ferriter’s agency Octagon for $2 million, claiming fraudulent inducement and negligent misrepresentation and demanding a jury trial.

‘Arsenio’ Writer Suing Hall and CBS for $2M for […]