Classic ‘Superego’ Sketches Are Getting Animated Thanks to Nerdist

If you’re a fan of animation and the hit improvised podcast Superego, Nerdist is launching a new weekly series that will take classic Superego sketches and give them the animated visual accompaniment they so richly deserve. New sketches will go live on Nerdist every Tuesday (with an initial run of five sketches) and will hopefully be one of many animated collaborations between Superego, Nerdist, and Mahlberg Studios. Here’s a statement from Superego co-creator Matt Gourley:

We at Superego are thrilled to be teaming up with Nerdist for a wallop of a web series. Until now, our show has primarily been an audio-only experience, but with the addition of some top-notch animation by Mahlberg Studios, we are now a full-service entertainment provider. And that’s not just us saying it, it’s also you reading it. Good work, everyone.

Click through to watch the first installment “HR Giger at Home.”

Classic ‘Superego’ Sketches Are Getting Animated […]