Watch Forrest Yell at an Old Man in a Clip From Tonight’s Review Finale

It’s been a long year for Forrest MacNeil. He ate too many pancakes. He got addicted to cocaine. And oh, yeah, he subjected himself to a horrible, life-altering divorce. All in the line of duty! In this exclusive clip from tonight’s first-season finale, Forrest tries his hand at being a coffee barista at a small-time operation named Lobby Java (tag line: “Good lobby, great java”), run by an elderly gentleman who soon treats him like a son; their workplace bromance does not end well. Watch the clip to see Andy Daly’s intrepid, inept professional critic — succumbing to pressure from his producer (James Urbaniak) to leave his beloved Lobby Java job behind and get back to his hosting duties — quit in completely unnecessary and overly dramatic fashion by telling the old guy, “You’re the biggest jag-off I’ve ever worked for!” and “You call yourself a manager? You couldn’t manage a ham sandwich!”

Forrest Yells at an Old Man in the Review Finale