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Get Tyrion Drunk in Our Game of Thrones Video Game

As massive Game of Thrones fans, we firmly believe that there’s no Tyrion Lannister quite like a drunken Tyrion Lannister. That’s why we devised an old-school video game that will allow you to help keep him in his cups, although that’s no easy task, considering that he’s chosen to drink in a place that is raining swords. Here’s how the game works: Use the arrow keys or your touch screen to move the littlest Lannister into position to catch as many goblets (100 points each) and bonus chalices (1,000 points each) as possible. But take care not to get hit by the falling swords, as that will sap Tyrion’s joie de vivre and end his life, as well as your game. An important strategy tip: You don’t need to catch every drink. Got it? Then let’s booze it up with Tyrion, shall we? Feel free to post your high scores in the comments section.

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Get Tyrion Drunk in Our Game of Thrones Game