upfronts 2014

Here Are the New TNT and TBS Shows

TBS unveiled the promos for its upcoming comedies, while sister network TNT presented its upcoming dramas. Some of the shows look promising! Some less so. And some, even less. Let’s take a look.

Angie Tribeca stars Rashida Jones and was created by Steve and Nancy Carell. Think Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Buzzy’s is set in a barbershop. Warning: Contains Boston accents.

Your Family or Mine is about how terrible families are. Aren’t families just the worst? Boy, they sure are.

Proof stars Jennifer Beals and Matthew Modine as a doctor and an eccentric billionaire, respectively. They want to know what happens when people die! (We all want to know that, guys.)

Public Morals is a ‘60s-set cop show with Ed Burns. Don’t confuse it with TNT’s failed ‘60s-set cop show Mob City. (Or … do.)

Transporter: The Series is a Canadian import.

The Librarians is based on TNT’s popular TV movies.

Here Are the New TNT and TBS Shows