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Here Are the Teasers for CBS’s New Shows

CBS unveiled its new fall programming yesterday, but only a few new shows made it to the lineup — CBS is all about returning favorites, so there aren’t a lot of open slots. In fact, there’s only one new comedy for fall (Odd Couple is scheduled for mid-season), and the new dramas are pretty by-the-book CBS shows. Behold:

The McCarthys is the only sitcom of the bunch, and it’s about a tight-knit Boston family. The show was created by Brian Gallivan, whom you might recognize as Sassy Gay Friend.

Scorpion is about geniuses. Katharine McPhee plays a waitress.

NCIS: New Orleans is what it sounds like. Scott Bakula who will be sorely missed on Looking.

Stalker comes from Kevin Williamson and fits right in with this season’s new crop of violent murder shows. If you were wondering which woman-in-peril show would straight-up light a woman on fire in a two-minute promo, wonder no more. Dylan McDermot and Maggie Q star.

Madam Secretary will air before The Good Wife, which seems exactly appropriate. Téa Leoni stars as the newly appointed secretary of state.

Extant, a miniseries that will air over the summer, stars Halle Berry as an astronaut who just returned from a psychologically fraught mission. Also, her son is a robot.

Here Are the Teasers for CBS’s New Shows