How ‘Louie’ Is Mixing Up Its Story Structure This Season

Get ready to see more multi-part stories on Louie. The FX series, which returned for its fourth season premiere last night, will feature a six-part episode, a three-part episode, and a two-part episode. “This season is very different from past seasons,” Louis C.K. explained in an email to fans. “The first three episodes are pretty typical of what we’ve done in the past, self-contained stories. But the next six episodes after that are all connected in one story. Then we have a three part story and a two part story. So lots of… parts stories.” The new season is airing two episodes a week for the entire season.

The six-episode arc is called “Elevator,” with the first installment (at least) following Louie trying to help an old Hungarian woman (played by Ellen Barkin) who is trapped in an elevator, and the three-part arc is called “Pamela,” presumably focusing on Louie’s relationship with Pamela (played by the show’s producer/occasional writer Pamela Adlon), another parent who Louie is friends with and has unrequited feelings for. C.K. began experimenting with serialization on the show last season, with a two-part episode about him dating an unpredictable woman played by Parker Posey and a three-part episode about him trying to replace David Letterman as host of CBS’s Late Show.

How ‘Louie’ Is Mixing Up Its Story Structure This […]