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24 Photos of Jon Hamm Making Silly Faces in Nice Clothes

Photo: Getty Images

Famous people have to pose for a lot of pictures, yet most remain fixed-faced, so they look exactly the same, every time. Not sure whose idea that is. The actors who want to appear serious? Publicists who want their actors to appear serious? The government? Yet there is one actor who casts this trend aside: Jon Hamm. The Mad Men and Million Dollar Arm actor has one hell of a face, of course; he could easily take all red-carpet photos locked in some sort of Blue Steel pose and the nation’s knees would collectively quiver. But, no, Hamm is a ham; he likes to make silly faces. He’ll raise an eyebrow, do a De Niro, pretend like something smells bad — whatever it takes. Here is a rundown of Jon Hamm’s go-to faces.

Jon Hamm Making Silly Faces in Nice Clothes