Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz Are Writing a Book About Social Awkwardness

Modern Seinfeld co-creator Josh Gondelman and Fast Company writer Joe Berkowitz are teaming up to write a book. Titled You Blew It!, the collaboration is “a humorous examination of faux pas, showing the social missteps we are all responsible for and are destined to repeat.” The book will be published by Plume and be available sometime next year. Here’s a statement from Berkowitz about the book:

Josh and I hit it off after we realized that neither he nor I had ever done anything awkward ever in our entire lives, and knew nothing of the topic. Furthermore, we were also fuzzy on the concept of ‘jokes.’ So we figured if we banded together and studied other less sophisticated and well mannered individuals than ourselves, our outsider perspective on social embarrassment, and jokes, might be potent enough to trick a publisher into giving us money.
Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz Are Writing a Book […]