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Watch Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham in the Happy Christmas Trailer

If Anna Kendrick is anything, she’s capable — she’s together. So it’s very exciting to see her play a real mess-up. In Happy Christmas, Kendrick’s Jenny moves into her brother’s house and tries not to burn the place down. The film co-stars director Joe Swanberg (whom Kendrick worked with on Drinking Buddies) as the brother, Melanie Lynskey as his novelist wife, Mark Webber as their pot-dealing babysitter, and Lena Dunham as Kendrick’s friend. It’s scheduled to come out in theaters on July 25 and on VOD on June 26. The latter might not be Christmas, but it’s almost Jesus’s half-birthday, so that’s something.

Kendrick, Dunham in the Happy Christmas Trailer