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Watch Kiefer Sutherland Praise His Veep Star Daughter

On Letterman tonight, 24’s returning hero Kiefer Sutherland took some time out from self-promotion to tout yet another thespian in the Sutherland family: his daughter Sarah Sutherland, who plays Selina’s daughter Catherine on Veep. Turns out that inside every lethal terrorist hunter there’s just a gushy, embarrassing dad waiting to be set free: “She’s a wonderful actress, she’s a wonderful writer,” said Kiefer. “She’ll probably kill me for talking about it. She’s so focused on doing this her own way. I’ve actually offered her two jobs which she’s turned down, respectfully, because she really wants to do this her own way.” Very admirable! Then again, his fictional daughter spent a whole episode trying to escape from a mountain lion, so maybe Sarah’s just being savvy. Watch below:

Kiefer Sutherland Praises Veep Star Daughter