Kristen Wiig to Star in Zach Galfianakis/Owen Wilson Bank Heist Comedy

Kristen Wiig has joined the cast of a new comedy that will see her playing a bank robber alongside Zach Galifiankis and Owen Wilson, THR reports. The untitled comedy, formerly known as Loomis Fargo, follows a quarter of dull North Carolinians who pulled off one of the biggest heists in US history by stealing $17.1 million from an armored truck.

Wiig plays Galifianakis’s workplace crush, who gets him to help her and her accomplices rob a bank vault but doesn’t have plans to meet up with him after the robbery. Jim Carrey and Danny McBride were previously attached to star in the movie, and McBride even wrote an earlier draft of it with frequent collaborator Jody Hill, who wanted to direct the film and make it “a Southern Godfather.” The current draft of the script was written by Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer, two writers for Fox’s short-lived Napoleon Dynamite animated series, and the movie is being directed by Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess.

Kristen Wiig to Star in Zach Galfianakis/Owen Wilson […]