‘Late Night’s ‘Second Chance Theater’ to Finally Debut May 13th with Will Forte

For the past couple of months, Seth Meyers and Late Night have been promising a new segment called “Second Chance Theater,” in which current and former SNL cast members get a chance to perform their favorite cut characters and sketches from the show. Will Forte, Taran Killam, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, and Kristen Wiig have all agreed to return to Late Night to take part in the new segment, and according to an update on Late Night’s Twitter last night, it’s finally scheduled to debut next Tuesday, May 13th with Will Forte as his long lost character Jenjamin Franklin. Here’s what Forte told us about Jenjamin in an interview with him last year:

And then there’s one I put up at the table read a million times called “Jenjamin Franklin.” It’s this woman who is the spitting image of Benjamin Franklin, and this guy gets set up on this date with this woman and she’s like this real sexual creature but looks exactly like Benjamin Franklin, so we never got to do that, but Seth and I always talk about it. When Seth does his [Late Night] show, we have a plan where we’re going to actually tell the story because it was something that I would always bring up and it would drive these guys crazy, but I wanted to do this sketch so badly and never got a chance to. When I left the show, we’ll still always talk about Jenjamin Franklin, so I think if I ever go on as a guest to Seth’s show, we’re going to talk about Jenjamin Franklin, and then we’re actually going to do a segment where we perform Jenjamin Franklin for the first time. So finally after years of these arguments of “We should’ve gotten Jenjamin Franklin!” we are obviously very close friends, but we get into a fun, heated argument about the merits of Jenjamin Franklin. And it’s really fun. I’m so excited for his show, it’s going to be really fun!
‘Late Night’s ‘Second Chance Theater’ to Finally Debut […]