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Macklemore Wore a Dumb Costume and Offended a Lot of People

SEATTLE, WA - MAY 16: A costumed Macklemore performs at the opening night of
Photo: Suzi Pratt/FilmMagic/Getty

At a secret show on Friday night, for reasons unknown, Macklemore decided to perform in a dark wig, a paste-on beard, and a fake nose. Upon seeing the ridiculous photographs, many people assumed that Macklemore was dressed as some sort of Jewish caricature, and Twitter spent the better part of Sunday accusing him of anti-Semitism. For his part, Macklemore denied the connection: “a fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody.” Still makes for an incredibly stupid costume, though.

Macklemore Wore a Costume and Offended Everyone