Marty Feldman’s Recently Discovered Memoirs to Be Published in November

Chortle reports that the unpublished memoirs of Marty Feldman, legendary British comedy writer/performer and star of Mel Brooks’s Young Frankenstein, have recently been found in Feldman’s former Los Angeles home. “It’s Marty’s story from his impoverished childhood in East London in the 1930s to all the famous people he knew, like David Frost, John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle,” said LA nightclub owner Mark Flanagan, who inherited the property from Feldman’s widow Lauretta and discovered the writing. Titled Eye Marty, the book will be available this November (pre-order here) and according to a publisher spokesman, the book is “exactly as Feldman wrote it, his great friend Mark Flanagan had it transcribed, with even the photos inserted where Feldman had noted where they should go.” Feldman wrote Eye Marty then set it aside before traveling to Mexico to film Yellowbeard, where he died of a heart attack in 1982.

Marty Feldman’s Recently Discovered Memoirs to Be […]