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See Pictures of Angelina Jolie Being a Secret Goofball

Photo: Getty Images

Even though our critic Bilge Ebiri didn’t love Maleficent, he notes, “We have to acknowledge is that Angelina Jolie is an excellent choice to play Maleficent.” It’s because the role is right in her wheelhouse. On- and offscreen, Jolie has the whole “looking scary but in a mysterious, sexy way” thing down. As she has matured, she has also developed a second specialty: the perfect movie star/earnest humanitarian smile. What we never really see is Jolie being goofy. It’s not that she doesn’t have the capacity; it’s just not what filmmakers and photographers show us. Well, we want to change that. Here are 22 photos of Jolie out in public, acting like a real sillyhead.

Photos: Angelina Jolie Is a Secret Goofball