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Photos: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are the Ultimate Red-Carpet Sweethearts

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photo by Getty

Even negative reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 praise the undeniable chemistry of its stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Which makes sense: Practice makes perfect. The two have been cute together publically and privately for three years. Though they like to deny their relationship, we don’t care, as either (1) They are lying about their obvious love and the photos remain adorable on face value or (2) They are just pretending like they are in love for publicity and then the photos become a testament to some of the greatest acting we’ve ever seen. Either way, these two can take a cute photograph together. Let us walk you through the last three years of giant smiles, nose scrunches, and looks.

Photos: Stone & Garfield, Red Carpet Sweethearts