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Watch This Supercut of Louis C.K.’s Daughter Jane Being a Whiner on Louie

Louis C.K. has a bunch of stand-up bits built around the idea that young kids — his in particular — are assholes, douchebags, and jerks. Well, he’s certainly carried that idea over into his TV show. On Louie, Ursula Parker plays C.K.’s fictional younger daughter, Jane, and has perfected the art of the spoiled-child whine. Whether she’s fighting over food, begging for a pet, or just generally bored, Jane’s sneer has become one of the show’s hidden hallmarks. After last night’s Louie episode, in which Jane was placed in (thankfully temporary) danger, we wanted to pay tribute to her unique brand of petulance, so we put together this supercut of all of her whining throughout the series. Pleeeeeeeease watch it? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? C’mooooooon!

Supercut: Louie’s Daughter Jane Is a Huge Whiner