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Watch Ted Leo and Aimee Mann Play TV Theme Songs

You truly haven’t heard the theme from M*A*S*H until you’ve heard it harmonized by Ted Leo and Aimee Mann. In addition to being rock stars in their own right, Leo and Mann have recently formed a dynamic duo called the Both, and when we found out they were willing to do an exclusive live session for us, we gave them an odd challenge: create a medley of great TV theme songs. Melodic wizards that they are, they accepted and succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Their medley included everything from standards (such as the opening from Cheers) to recent gems (e.g. Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time,” from Orange Is the New Black), and a few lost classics (anyone remember Gimme a Break?). Check out this performance they did for us at Joe’s Pub and revel in their warming glow.

But wait! There’s more! Ted and Aimee were also kind enough to record a live version of one of the songs off the Both’s self-titled debut album. It’s a downbeat (but beautiful!) little ditty called “No Sir,” and, yes, sir, you can watch it below.