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Watch Terry Crews’s and Jimmy Fallon’s Nipples Sing a Duet

Thirty-two years ago, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder recorded a humble duet about racial harmony called “Ebony and Ivory.” They never could’ve dreamed that one day, Jimmy Fallon, who was 7 at the time, would grow up to parody it — not once, but twice (and counting). First, Fallon sang “Ivory and Ivory” with his once and future rival Stephen Colbert, and now, 15 months later, Fallon’s nipples sang the original with Terry Crews’s nipples. Actually, the latter wasn’t as much a parody as an homage, as though McCartney and Wonder weren’t shirtless for the recording, they were famously oiled up.

Terry Crews & Jimmy Fallon’s Nipples Sing a Duet