The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely Haven’t Seen

We’re doing things a bit differently this week. Instead of profiling one web series or one really hilarious, merit-worthy sketch, we’re grouping some of the top submissions we’ve received over the past few weeks and uniting them in an ode to what’s beautiful and great about those pieces that, up until now, have flown under all of our radars, untouched by the hand of virality or comedy nerd buzz (yet) but still really really good. Today at Splitsider, we’re becoming kingmakers of sorts. At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves as we wear these huge crowns we bought from Party City.

Cost of Living

Created by Shannon Bowen and Dave Binegar, Cost of Living episodes are somewhat lengthy but entirely worth the effort. The subtle, well-crafted dialogue is as much a treat as its raw delivery. Only two episodes in, this is one you should beat your friends to.

Low Budget Sketch Show

A collaboration of writers, producers, and performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and The PIT, Low Budget Sketch Show makes the list because of its refreshingly original format – each episode is one part hosted, one part traditional sketch, and one part commercial parody. Given the talented group behind it and the fact that these folks could produce something so cool in a single weekend with no budget to speak of, this is certainly one to track with a careful eye.


If you like highly silly, overly indulgent anthropomorphic food jokes (as I really do), then this sketch produced by comedy group HANK is something you must watch immediately. I laughed harder at this than I’ve laughed at anything in a long time. Maybe I’m losing my mind. You tell me. But please do watch…all the way through. You owe it to yourselves but, most of all, you owe it to me.

The Jasons Writers Room

Jason Blackman, Jason Bader, and Brett Meiselas of The Jasons Comedy troupe have created a video that, while as inside baseball as the expression “inside baseball,” will strike a chord with anyone and everyone who A. considers themselves a comedy writer and B. has told their parents/parents’ friends that they consider themselves a comedy writer. It may only appeal to a small subset of the Internet video-watching world, but it made my skin crawl IN A GOOD WAY!

Chris & Sami Present How to Live Together

Okay so a series about a Millennial couple living together in a major city isn’t exactly groundbreaking as an idea, that’s true. But Chris Donahue’s execution of said idea is laudably underproduced and original in its unabashed realness. Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about, shot impressively in one continuous take.

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The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely […]