The Complete Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Collection

Earlier today, Adult Swim announced that it has picked up a new half-hour comedy series starring Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the legendary cigar-smoking Rottweiler puppet created and voiced by Robert Smigel. Always dependable for raunchy punchlines, inappropriate celebrity insults, and uninvited butt-sniffing, Triumph made his television debut in 1997 on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and soon became a regular. Since then, Triumph has appeared all over, from various segments on O’Brien’s later talk shows to the MTV Movie Awards to The Daily Show and more. Here’s what Smigel told Vice about his many years playing Triumph back in 2010:

Oh my God, it’s so degrading! Sometimes the only reason people will talk to me is because I look so pathetic. I’m this balding, middle-aged guy and I’m crouched in this weird position. That’s how I got Jennifer Lopez, I think. I looked so unthreatening and like such a loser she thought she was doing me a favor. I remember one time in particular when Triumph was supposed to be getting a blowjob from a poodle in the back of this limo. I was literally on the floor of the limousine with my legs sticking out of the door. There’s a trainer on top of me, and food is being passed in order to keep this poodle interested in Triumph’s crotch. I’ve suffered for my art.

To celebrate Triumph’s forthcoming return to television and all the wonderful art Smigel has created through him, here’s a comprehensive guide to the many appearances of America’s favorite Rottweiler.

Triumph in one of his earliest Late Night appearances

Triumph visits the Westminster Dog Show

Triumph interviews some Star Wars fans

Triumph goes to a Bon Jovi concert

Triumph hosts a Christmas special

Triumph makes fun of Tom Arnold

Triumph talks to Moby and Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards

Triumph covers the Michael Jackson trial

Triumph visits a presidential debate

Triumph guest stars on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Triumph shows up on Hollywood Squares

Triumph chats with Dr. Phil

Triumph visits American Idol

Triumph goes to the Tony Awards

Triumph hangs out with Joan Rivers and Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush

Triumph gives the Hawaiian weather report

Triumph visits The Daily Show

Triumph visits Colorado’s Great American Beer Festival

Triumph and Jack McBrayer visit the Chicago Wiener’s Circle

Triumph visits the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Triumph speaks at Comic-Con

Triumph visits the set of This Is 40

Triumph stars in a music video

Triumph visits the Golden Collar Awards

Triumph visits another presidential debate

Triumph insults Jennifer Lopez

Triumph visits Occupy Wall Street

Triumph visits Howard Stern

Triumph shows up at the Night of Too Many Stars

The Complete Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Collection