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This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Smelling Brad Pitt, J.Lo, and Jell-O Shots

Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends
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Jennifer Lawrence took a break from filming Mockingjay: Part 1 this week, making pit stops on the French Riviera and the late-night couches of Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers Stateside to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past. And while an offhand remark at Cannes, first reported by our own Jada Yuan, has produced mini shockwaves, we are already bored with the idea of a media-trained Jennifer Lawrence. That would mean none of of the following gems would exist.

On that puking story:
Lawrence finally revisited that story about puking at Madonna’s party after the Oscars while chatting with Seth Meyers this week. “I was in such bad condition and I look behind me while I’m puking and Miley Cyrus looks at me like, Get it together.”

But before that, she smelled Brad Pitt:
“And then we ran into Brad Pitt, and she was like, ‘Get Brad Pitt over here.’ And I was like, ‘I can’t do that.’ And she was like, ‘Yes, you can!’ And then so I just went, ‘Hey, Brad Pitt! Hey, Brad Pitt!’ And then he came over. He smelled like sandalwood. It was unbelievable.

On the first time she realized that boys and girls are different:
“I saw my brother peeing standing up, and I was like, ‘Oh … it doesn’t work the same.’ That, surprisingly, we were not expected to talk about tonight.”

On trying to dance with J.Lo:
(She and Jimmy Fallon had a “beef” where they have competing versions of a story where they tried to get J. Lo to dance with them.) “Okay, we came up with this idea together, first of all,” she corrected Fallon after he said it was her idea. “We both saw J.Lo — this is like 10 Jell-O shots in — I had never done Jell-O shots. I didn’t go to college. We were dancing and we see J.Lo and we’re like, ‘We’ve got to ask J.Lo to dance.’ What we’ll do is we’ll do a spin, and go, ‘Dance with us.’” But mid-spin, Jimmy Fallon leaves Lawrence in the lurch. “I go like this, and then I look and he’s gone, and it’s just me looking at J.Lo going, ‘Dance with … me.’ And she’s like, ‘No, no. I think I’m just going to observe.’ You made me look like a freak in front of J.Lo! Do you know what that feels like?”

On why they’re making another Hunger Games film:
“Because so much money went into it.” (She was joking. Kinda.)

On bad press:
As though anticipating the fallout from rape-joke-gate, she told Reuters on the red carpet of the Hunger Games party: “I don’t pay attention to it and it doesn’t matter. I mean, it does. Oh my God, If I started getting bad press, that would suck. So I guess it does matter. I don’t know. I don’t want to pay attention it or read it or anything. I just want to keep doing my thing.”

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