mistaken for strangers

Video: The Time Eugene Mirman Got Mistaken for Himself

It must be a little hard to be famous partly for your voice work. People will recognize you, but it’s hard for them to remember how they do. It results in stories like the below from Eugene Mirman, in which a salesclerk lets him in on a secret that the kid from Bob’s Burgers comes into their store. The clip is from A Night at Whiplash, a Splitsider Presents documentary about the famed New York stand-up show. The film also includes performances from Janeane Garofalo, Michael Che, Sean Patton, Jared Logan, Carmen Lynch, and Sheng Wang. It’s available here for download and stream. And if you ever see Eugene Mirman in public, don’t even say hello, just list his credits and be on your way.

The Time Eugene Mirman Got Mistaken for Himself