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Watch Tina Fey Explain Her Theory About the Lack of Women in Late Night

The current television climate can be best summed up by the lyric Billy Joel famously sings in “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” “Rock and Roller Late Night wars, I can’t take it anymore.” When David Letterman announced his retirement a little over a month ago (doesn’t it feel like it was a million years ago?), he set off a chain reaction of people leaving and getting jobs. None of those people getting jobs were women (at least yet). Last night, on Late Night, Tina Fey explained her theory on why that was the case: jackets! We’ll let her explain it below, but suffice to say, if you are a young female comedian who wants to be a late-night host one day, you better start consulting Paula Poundstone’s stylist.

Tina Fey Explains Lack of Women in Late Night