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Vulture Asks: What’s Your Favorite No-Respect Show?

Photo: NBC

As No Respect Week draws to a close, let us now turn our attention to underappreciated TV shows, like Samurai Jack. Or Scrubs, a show that ran for nine seasons, eight of which were pretty damn good. Scrubs was one of the only single-camera comedies on the air in 2001, and certainly the only one to survive for more than a season or two; it’s one of the most emotionally affecting comedies ever, but it seems like it’s always left off best-of lists and canon-building endeavors. I love Scrubs. I’ve sang the gospel rendition of “Payback Is a Bitch!” more times than I can count, and if you can eat a chicken-salad sandwich without singing “oh, chick-en saaal-aaad,” we probably can’t be friends. What’s your favorite show that doesn’t get the respect it deserves? NewsRadio? Just Shoot Me? Millennium? Suits? Let’s hear it.

Vulture Asks: What’s Your No-Respect Show?