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Vulture Festival Video: Archer and Bob’s Burgers Actors Perform Classic Movie Scenes With Their Animated Voices

If you can assemble some of the best animated voice actors into a single room and put them in front of a live audience, why not ask them to do something crazy? That was our thought process as we planned what would become Vulture Festival’s “Animated Voices” panel, which featured Bob’s Burgers and Archer actors H. Jon Benjamin, Lucky Yates, John Roberts, Larry Murphy, and Laura Silverman reading famous movie lines using their cartoon-character voices. They dove in, performing memorable scenes from Titanic, When Harry Met Sally, Pulp Fiction, and other classics, and it was a blast. You simply haven’t heard the “I’ll have what she’s having” fake-orgasm scene until you’ve heard it done in the voice of Linda Belcher.

Bob’s Burgers and Archer Casts Re-Create Movies