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Watch a Teaser for Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut

It was almost a year ago that we wished Ryan Gosling a fond farewell, as he took time away from acting for a bit to direct a movie. Lost River, which he also wrote, is that movie. And with it premiering at Cannes this week, we finally get our first glimpse at it. Described as a “fantasy noir” and a “modern-day fairy tale, ” it stars Christina Hendricks as a single mother who finds herself involved in the city’s underworld, and her teenage son, who finds an underwater town. Though the teaser is more ambiguous, filled with abstract shots of fire and codpieced sweatpants. Again, Gosling wrote this movie, so at some point, he chewed on a toothpick and typed the words, “He holds a microphone, wearing no shirt and sweatpants with a built-in codpiece.”

Watch a Teaser for Gosling’s Directorial Debut