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Watch: Poehler Stole Seth Meyers’s Credit Card and Won’t Give It Back

Amy Poehler might be an inspiration and the embodiment of joy, but she’s also a dirty thief, apparently. Over the last few episodes of Late Night, Seth Meyers has been updating the audience on a delightful story involving Poehler. What started as a simple mix-up — they accidentally swapped credit cards when splitting a dinner check — has descended into something much more ridiculous. Now, weeks after the mix-up, Poehler still has the card and won’t give it back. You can watch the story unfold in order below or skip to the last video to see what big purchase Poehler made with it. Either way, everyone is cute and the best. Thank you for being friends with each other for our enjoyment, celebrities.

Watch: Amy Poehler Stole Seth Meyers Credit Card