Watch Brad Pitt Toss a Beer to Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey was chillin’ on a New Orleans balcony recently when he suddenly he realized that his bro Brad Pitt was standing on a balcony across the way. (Side note: I am pretty sure that Pitt owns the apartment seen in the videos below, because this one time during a New Orleans ghost tour, I was shown the house Brad and Angelina have in the city by a man dressed like a vampire.) Pitt, knowing that McConaughey would appreciate a fizzy beer, went inside, fetched a cold one, and then tossed the can to his pal. Usually, the tradition calls for you to take off your top when someone tosses you something, but we’ll let it slide because McConaughey so rarely has his shirt on.

Watch Brad Pitt Toss Beer to Matthew McConaughey