Watch the First Clips From Richard Linklater’s Boyhood

There seems to be palpable excitement around Boyhood, stemming from the extraordinary way in which it was made. Richard Linklater filmed star Ellar Coltrane a few days at a time over the course of 12 years, starting when he was 7. We’ve already seen the trailer, and now we have the first clips. In the first, the young boy points out boobs in a lingerie catalogue, as if he were finding Waldo. In the second, the boy plays hide-and-seek with his dad (Ethan Hawke) inside a large sculpture. The film hits theaters on July 11, which is when you’ll finally realize that there are kids who grew up with “Island in the Sun” as their first exposure to Weezer.

Watch the First Clips From Linklater’s Boyhood