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Watch the Very Strange Sketch Cut From This Week’s SNL

Andrew Garfield did a pretty decent job on SNL this weekend, showing off an admirable Justin Timberlake impression and demonstrating some true bravery by playing a character who does not fully worship Beyoncé. Bold moves, Spider-Man! One sketch that did not make it to air, however, is the truly strange “Wing,” a spoof — sort of? — of ‘90s teen dramas. There’s a 90210-ish feel, thanks to the wailing guitar bumper music, the Spanish-tiled roof on the exterior shots, and a character named “Dylan,” but the audience oohs and aahs might as well be from Full House. This kind of flat-affect, self-conscious peculiarity has become Kyle Mooney’s calling card this season, but “Wing” seems like it would be more at home on Adult Swim than NBC.

Watch the Very Strange Sketch Cut From SNL