The 11 Best Sketches from ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 2

In honor of Inside Amy Schumer’s season finale tonight, we’ve compiled the best sketches from the show’s excellent second season. Comedy Central renewed Schumer for a third season, and we’re already looking forward to more hilarious on-the-street interviews and “Amy Goes Deep” segments in addition to the signature sketches in the year to come.

Check out a collection of the best of Season 2 below:

The Foodroom

A spot-on parody of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and his fast-talking characters set in a fast food restaurant.

A Couple Chooses A Movie

Amy and guest star Rory Scovel look for something to watch On Demand, and end up scrolling through a great list of fake Tyler Perry movies, amongst other things.

Hello M’Lady

In which there’s an app to help manage clingy guys who think they’re your boyfriend.

A Chick Who Can Hang

A group of men just want to date a cool girl who can “recite all of Boondock Saints verbatim while rebuilding a deck.”

Pity Sex with a Prom Loser

Amy’s attempt to improve her image by becoming a celebrity prom date goes horribly wrong.

Herpes Scare

Paul Giamatti guest stars as God, who visits Amy during a time of crisis.

A Very Realistic Military Game

Things get political when Amy chooses to play as a female soldier in a realistic Call of Duty-esque war game.

Bachelorette Party Disaster

It’s possible this sketch was made only to create a context where stripper firefighters are believably mistaken for real firefighters.


Two drunk roommates compete in a Food Network-type cooking show given a challenging basket of ingredients—which includes a half-eaten Chobani yogurt from 2012 and Lexapro.

I’m So Bad

A group of friends swap stories about their bad eating habits.

Mom Computer Therapy

Amy helps her computer-illiterate mother send an email, all while a therapist eases her through the process.

The 11 Best Sketches from ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 2