Read All of Vulture’s Orange Is the New Black Recaps Before Watching Season 2

Photo: Jessica Miglio for Netflix

As of today, all 13 episodes of Orange Is the New Black’s second season are available to stream on Netflix. Since it’s a Friday and most of you are  currently at the jobs that you have in order to earn money to pay your Netflix subscription, you’ll probably start dipping into the new episodes tonight at the earliest. Before then, however, feel free to reread all of our season =-one recaps, or just those from your favorite episodes.

Episode 1: “I Wasn’t Ready”

Episode 2: Tit Punch

Episode 3: Lesbian Request Denied

Episode 4: Imaginary Enemies

Episode 5: The Chickening

Episode 6: Wac Pack

Epsiode 7: Blood Donut

Episode 8: Moscow Mule

Episode 9: F*cksgiving

Episode 10: Bora Bora Bora

Episode 11: Tall Men With Feelings

Episode 12: Fool Me Once

Episode 13: Can’t Fix Crazy

All of Vulture’s Orange Is the New Black Recaps