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Which Celebrities Asked to Read Meaner Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Everybody loves Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment. It combines our love of celebrities with our love of hating celebrities. Entertainment Weekly spoke with JKL co-head writer Molly McNearney about how they produce the series. Basically, anytime they book a guest they search their name on Twitter and narrow the mean tweets down to ones that are funny and mean but aren’t so terrible that the celebrity won’t come on. In some instances, however, the celebrity asks for meaner. Those instances, according to McNearney: Cate Blanchett and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She also said that usually the celebrity will read only a few, but the last time she appeared, Emma Stone said, “I want to read as many mean tweets as you can find about me.” Watch the three actresses read their tweets below and feel a real desire to hug them and fight the tweeter.

Which Celebs Asked for Meaner Tweets on Kimmel?