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Dave Chappelle Talks Leaving His Show on Letterman

About ten years ago, Dave Chappelle decided to walk away from Chappelle’s Show and the $50 million that went along with it. In the years since, Chappelle never really talked much about the decision, opting instead for a more quiet life out of the spotlight. Last night, looking to promote his upcoming shows at Radio City Music Hall, Chappelle appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman, and Letterman, being Letterman, asked very pointedly about it. You can watch the full interview below, but it boils down to this sentiment: “I felt a variety of ways over the last ten years. Whenever there is something that I’d like to have that I could’ve afforded that I can’t now afford, well, then I’m upset about it. But then when I see a guy going to a job that’s time-consuming and he doesn’t have the free time to do things that I get to do, then I feel good about it.”

Chappelle Talks Leaving His Show on Letterman