Chris Lilley’s Next Project Is a One-Hour Mockumentary About Snowboarders Who Don’t Know How to Snowboard

Australian comedian Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High) is taking on snowboarders for his next comedy. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that he’s making a one-hour, one-off mockumentary about snowboarding culture with Australian blogger/prankster David Thorne called Cold Feet: America’s Bunny Slopes. The special will air debut on HBO in the US on August 8th and in Australia the UK in September. Here’s how Thorne describes it:

It’s about two individuals who embrace the snowboarding culture to the fullest extent but do not know how to snowboard … Chris plays Derek, a Shaun White devotee to the extent of dying his hair red, while I play his best friend Josh who spends more time trying on different outfits and buying new gear than on the snow … Chris and I first met a couple of years ago at a function and share a similar sense of humor. In his words, “We’re like peas in a pod. Except I’m talented and famous.”

Lilley’s latest series, a six-part Summer Heights High spinoff called Jonah from Tonga that focuses on his character Jonah Takalua,  also makes its US premiere on HBO this August. Thorne is best known for his blog 27b/6, which spawned the New York Times bestselling book The Internet Is a Playground and first received attention when he tried to settle an overdue account with a drawing of a spider that he values at $233.95. Thorne revealed he’s currently developing an eight-part HBO comedy about a design agency with Jim Vallely, Mitch Hurwitz’s right-hand man on Arrested Development, that he expects to air in February.

Chris Lilley’s Next Project Is a One-Hour Mockumentary […]