David Hasselhoff Is Starring in His Own ‘Curb’-Style Show and No This Isn’t a Joke

Do you love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but daydream about it focussing on a different famous person other than Larry David? To get more specific, is that daydream about David Hasselhoff and is the show you’ve imagined called Hoff the Record? Well, for one thing, dream bigger. Also, that is exactly what’s happening.

Those crazy Brits have ordered a six-episode mockumentary series that will focus on a hightened version of the Hoff, with a plot that “concerns the Knight Rider star moving to get his ‘surreal’ life back on track, after five divorces and ‘some misguided career decisions.’” A Dave spokesman has this to say about it: “It is an ambitious project, blurring the lines between real life and improvisational comedy and it will be filmed in the UK, and overseas, with an ensemble cast of new and established comedy talent.”

It’ll air on The Dave channel in the UK and presumably on torrent sites in the US, if you’re interested.

David Hasselhoff Is Starring in His Own ‘Curb’-Style […]