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Key & Peele Will Introduce Hillary Clinton’s Anger Translator Next Season

Photo: Ian White/Comedy Central

File this under “Of course.” Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele tell Vulture they are hard at work on a new character for the next season of Key & Peele: Hillary Clinton’s anger translator. It makes so much sense. Last month alone, Clinton probably bottled choice words for Fox News, Reince Priebus, those of you still fixated on her scrunchies, this woman, etc., etc. Who better to help her let it all out than someone like President Obama’s anger translator Luther? Or better yet, Contendra, the first lady’s anger translator who last season decoded Michelle Obama’s refusing her husband’s late-night booty call (“Well, you know, I have had a busy day, too,”) as such: “You act like I ain’t got nothin’ else to do, [bleep]! I got these obese motha[bleep]s on my ass 24-7! What’s more important? You getting your wick dipped or some 8-year-old fat-ass collapsing his bunk bed?”

Production on the sketch show’s third season is underway, and while less than 100 out of 300 potential sketches made it to air last year, Peele says he’s “99 percent sure” Hillary Clinton’s pissed-off persona will make the cut. What will she be like? Here’s a hint: “Whereas Michelle’s translator Contendra felt like she owned a beauty salon, maybe somewhere on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, I think Hillary’s translator would be more trailer bait,” Peele says. “We’re thinking deep Arkansas good ol’ gal who does not censor herself.” New episodes of Key & Peele are due this fall. Until then, relive the sexy-time negotiations between the Obamas/Luther and Contendra below:

Key & Peele to Debut Hillary’s Anger Translator