Gay Marriage-Themed ‘Father of the Bride 3’ in the Works with Steve Martin Attached

In the spirit of unnecessary sequels, Nikki Finke reports that Disney and Warner Bros. are currently working on a sequel to the Father of the Bride franchise with Steve Martin slated to return. The first two Father of the Bride films were in 1991 and 1995, but the in-the-works sequel will focus on Matty (originally played by Kieran Culkin), the son of Martin’s character, who “is now 29 and gay and getting married to a Navy SEAL’s son. Father of the bride George is ‘thunderstruck and speechless’ and has problems with the whole gay thing. So wife Nina kicks him out of the house.” Original Father of the Bride writer/director Charles Shyer will return to helm the sequel, and a source told Finke: “It’s a timely idea. I told Charles I just hope it goes forward before gay stops trending…” So hopefully for their sake, Father of the Bride 3 is released while homosexuality is still cool.

UPDATE: Steve Martin responded to the news on Twitter today and says he has not yet been offered a role on a Father of the Bride sequel:

Gay Marriage-Themed ‘Father of the Bride 3’ in the […]