Here’s What ‘The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore’ Will Look Like

Last week, Fast Company got an inside look at the format of The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore – which will take over The Colbert Report’s time slot on Comedy Central come January – and the network is aiming to launch the show as both a funny take on the news as well as a “key farm team for new Comedy Central talent” through panels of featured co-hosts. From the article:

The Minority Report setup will be similar to The Daily Show and Colbert Report, but with a twist: For parts of the show Wilmore will be joined by a panel of co-hosts, presumably along the lines of The View or Real Time With Bill Maher. “The general concept is Larry will be the anchor of the show and the first act will likely be Larry’s take on the news of the day or cultural hot topics of the moment,” says [Comedy Central president] Michele Ganeless. “Then [there will be] a panel. The panel will be the second act, we’ll likely have a guest interacting with the panel in the third act.”

Ganeless went on to say that The Minority Report will take a “holistic” approach to highlighting underrepresented points of view, whether that be African American, female, Latino, or otherwise. Much like The Daily Show and Comedy Central’s newer addition @midnight, the network hopes to use The Minority Report to discover new talent to eventually tap into for its other programming.

Here’s What ‘The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore’ […]