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Joel McHale Is Still Praying at His Community Shrine

Joel McHale attends the
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Yesterday, the zombie life of Community was dealt another blow when Hulu announced that it would not be resurrecting the show for a sixth season. At last night’s Cinema Society party for the premiere of Deliver Us From Evil, Joel McHale told Vulture that he was a little surprised about the news, but still hopeful: “‪I don’t know how it’s going to come back, but they have a few days left before it does.‬” (The cast’s contracts expire on June 30.) ‪”We’ll see. I guess we could do a regional-theater version.‬ ‪I have a shrine set up of Community DVDs. I have an Annie’s Boobs T-shirt that I’ve draped over it. Annie’s moves, excuse me. So who knows?‬”

As for where Community might find a home, McHale had a number of creative suggestions. “‪I mean, talk to Sony. I think we have an outside chance with,,,, and maybe Uber. Uber might broadcast it.‬” And what will he do if Uber falls through? “‪Well, you know, no one’s offered any jobs, and I assume you’re talking about like a Starz adult movie. No, I’m not going into porn, yet. I feel like I could still probably get a show before I would have to do soft-core stuff. Because I would never do penetration. Ever. I mean, I’m married. So, you know, no one’s made any offers, and if Community is really gone, then I’ll start having a lot of meetings about a lot of different stuff. Mostly about how to carve out a canoe. We went to the Natural History Museum and saw that enormous one from the Pacific Northwest tribe, and I just thought I’d like to know how to do that.‬”

Joel McHale Is Praying at His Community Shrine