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Josh Trank Will Direct One of the Stand-alone Star Wars Movies

chronicle-movie-image Photo: Alan Markfield/FOX

After a week of exciting Star Wars: Episode VII updates, here comes more big news from Lucasfilm: Josh Trank will direct one of the stand-alone Star Wars movies, the company announced today. Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards is already onboard to direct the 2016 stand-alone film, so Trank’s movie is still probably quite a ways away. Trank is best known for 2012’s Chronicle, and he’s currently working on The Fantastic Four, which is scheduled to come out in 2015. There’s no official word yet on which characters Edwards’s or Trank’s Star Wars non-episode movies will cover — Young Han Solo? Yoda? Boba Fett? someone else? — so dare to dream of a Twi’lek saga.

Josh Trank Will Direct Stand-alone Star Wars