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See Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn Get Super Creepy In Lifetime’s Warren Jeffs Movie

Lifetime loves a true-crime saga, particularly those stories about women and children in peril, and that goes double for that danger involving sexual predation. Throw in a famous-but-not-that-famous person to play the lead, and voilà. Last night’s offering was Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs, starring Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn as the polygamous leader of the FLDS Church and convicted child rapist. The movie itself is crummy, even by Lifetime standards, and Goldwyn’s almost Nicolas Cage–esque performance deserves its own special tribute. In life, Jeffs is a monster who used his position as a religious leader to assault, manipulate, and abuse people. In Lifetime, he’s — well, see for yourself.

Lifetime’s Polygamy Movie Got Super Creepy