Mike Judge Took a Scene from ‘Silicon Valley’ Directly from Real Life

“There was actually a scene in Silicon Valley where the lead character is meeting this tech billionaire that was exactly like a meeting I had before the first dotcom bubble burst. ‘Bill is running about a half-hour late, but he’s real excited to meet you. Have you met Bill before? Oh my God, he’s so amazing. Oh, sorry, he’s going to be another 10 minutes.’ Then this other guy says, ‘I’m the vp of whatever, and I only get to see Bill once every two weeks. But that 10 minutes is incredible’ … It really was like a cult. Word for word, that’s what ended up in the show.”

-Mike Judge discussing the real-life impetus for a scene in Silicon Valley’s pilot in The Hollywood Reporter’s comedy showrunners roundtable, which features plenty of great anecdotes from Judge, Marc Maron, Jenji Kohan, Jenni Konner, Michael Schur, Armando Iannucci, and Chuck Lorre.

Mike Judge Took a Scene from ‘Silicon Valley’ Directly […]