Nasim Pedrad Confirms She’s Unlikely to Return to ‘SNL’ Next Season

Many SNL fans have assumed that this past season would be Nasim Pedrad’s last due to her new television role on Mulaney, and over the weekend, the SNL player was asked at the Austin Television Festival whether that’s true and all but confirmed her departure in her response: “I haven’t heard any official word so far, but…as far as I know, I’m in LA now.”

Pedrad, who was hired on SNL in 2009, made a name for herself with recurring characters like Shallon and Bedelia and impersonations including Kim Kardashian, Barbara Walters, and Arianna Huffington. She’s been attached to SNL writer John Mulaney’s pilot Mulaney since it was first up for consideration in 2013, and since Fox ordered 10 additional episodes last month (as well as her downgraded SNL screen time in recent episodes) it became extra likely that SNL’s season 39 finale would be her last episode. Click through to check out the trailer for Nasim’s next big project Mulaney.

Nasim Pedrad Confirms She’s Unlikely to Return to […]