Nathan Fielder’s First Non-Dumb Starbucks Season 2 Stunt Is a Funeral for a Fly

Nathan Fielder’s critically-acclaimed Comedy Central series Nathan For You returns for its second season on July 1st, and so far, we haven’t seen very much of what he has in store for the new season, besides the much-ballyhooed Dumb Starbucks endeavor in February. Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at the first non-Dumb Starbucks stunt from season two we’ve seen, which involves Fielder holding a funeral for a fly to help promote a small pet store.

“You lose a pet, you go to a pet cemetery, and then you probably need a new one, so I thought that would be the best place to advertise,” Fielder explains. “The only problem was they don’t allow advertising at a pet cemetery, but there’s no rule about what you’re allowed to put on a gravestone. So I decided I would bury a pet and then post an ad for the pet store on that pet’s gravestone.”

Nathan Fielder’s First Non-Dumb Starbucks Season 2 […]