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All 47 Pairs of Scrubs Merritt Wever Has Worn on Nurse Jackie

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photos by Showtime

Nurse Jackie’s lovably eccentric Zoey Barkow, played by Merritt Wever, stands out at All Saints Hospital. That’s not a comment about the character’s indomitable spirit, although that certainly helped win over her cranky boss, veteran trauma nurse and recovering drug addict Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco). It’s all about Zoey’s signature scrubs. The threads she chooses to wear while tending to the infirm tend to be pink and feature a few of her favorite things: flowers, bunnies, bears, butterflies, you name it. On one occasion, she opted out of her singular style for drab grey, “a sign of remorse,” she said, for having accidentally put a film critic in a coma; there was also the period when a corporate takeover forced the staff into generic dark-blue scrubs. With Nurse Jackie’s sixth season set to end on Sunday, let’s take a look at all 47 custom-made outfits Zoey has sported over the years, in chronological order.

[Note: The designs listed are printed on pink scrubs unless indicated otherwise.]

  1. White rabbits with with black eyes, pink noses, and blue ears. (S1, E1)
  2. Pink pigs. (S1, E2)
  3. Multicolored butterflies. (S1, E3)
  4. Pink and white flowers. (S1, E4)
  5. Pink cherries. (S1, E6)
  6. Green frogs, some in pink polka-dot outfits, holding pink flowers with blush-colored leaves. (S1, E7)
  7. Light- and dark-pink flowers with green stems.  (S1, E8)
  8. Panda bears and green eucalyptus. (S1, E9)
  9. Pink, purple, blue, and white flowers. (S1, E10)
  10. Monkeys, bananas, green leaves, and purple and magenta stars. (S2, E1)
  11. Big pink and purple flowers, and brown bears in dresses. (S2, E4)
  12. Green and magenta trees with squirrels, acorns, and magenta-and-orange flowers. (S2, E5)
  13. Green, red, blue, and pink alligators, mixed with pink lobster claws and green and brown palm trees with blue trunks. (S2, E6)
  14. Big and little red cherries and little blue flowers on a blue background. (S2, E7)
  15. Pink, black, and white cats on a blue background. (S2, E8)
  16. Green frogs on lily pads with blue cornflowers and pink and green stemless daisies on a blue background. (S2, E9)
  17. Multicolored bugs and flowers and light-blue clouds on an aqua background. (S2, E10)
  18. Pink and blue flowers and blue guitars on a blue background. (S2, E11)
  19. Yellow cats surrounded by pink and blue hearts and green vines with red flowers. (S2, E12)
  20. Pink butterflies. (S3, E3)
  21. Googly-eyed green frogs. (S3, E4)
  22. Pink and white flowers. (S3, E5)
  23. Brown and white dogs, white dog bones, and pink hearts. (S3, E6)
  24. Pink and orange flowers on light-green and yellow squares. (S3, E8)
  25. The word cheerleader spelled out in pastel letters, surrounded by multicolored pom-poms and megaphones. (S3, E10)
  26. Chocolate cupcakes with white icing and sprinkles, and white cupcakes with chocolate icing and cherries on top, plus floating cherries and doilies. (S3, E12)
  27. Multicolored flowers and pink bears in green outfits. (S4, E2)
  28. Purple, pink, and light-blue flowers. (S4, E3)
  29. Yellow and green turtles and little purple turtles. (S4, E4)
  30. White doves and pink flowers on a grey background. (S5, E1)
  31. Abstract lavender-and-blue design on a purple background. (S5, E3)
  32. Lavender, pink, and white flowers. (S5, E4)
  33. Large blue-pink and small grey butterflies on an off-white background. (S5, E5)
  34. Big purple, pink, and green butterflies and little pink-and-white flowers on a lavender Swiss-dot background. (S5, E7)
  35. Abstract peacock-colored design. (S5, E8)
  36. Pink AIDS ribbons. (S5, E9)
  37. Abstract blue design. (S5, E10)
  38. Pink, yellow, and lavender circles and red and lavender flowers with greenish vines, all on a white background with a magenta-trimmed neckline, sleeves, and pockets. (S6, E1)
  39. Purple and lavender butterflies, hot-pink butterflies, and AIDS ribbons on a lilac background. (S6, E3)
  40. Small-leafed vines and small-petaled flowers in shades of blue and green, with a blue trimmed neckline, sleeves, and pockets. (S6, E4)
  41. Light- and dark-pink hearts, white hearts, and pink AIDS ribbons on a dark grey background. (S6, E5)
  42. Large blue-and-red butterflies and pale lavender flowers on a white background. (S6, E5)
  43. Bunches of red cherries with green stems on a pink polka-dot background. (S6, E7)
  44. Pink butterflies. (S6, E8)
  45. Pink hearts (some with the word love) and AIDS ribbons plus pink and grey daisies on grey squares, some with the word hope, on a grey background. (S6, E8)
  46. Dandelions on a blue background. (S6, E10)
  47. Pink butterflies, with a magenta-trimmed neck and pockets. (S6, E11)

47 Pairs of Scrubs Worn by Nurse Jackie’s Zoey