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Watch Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning in the Very Good Girls Trailer

Let’s play a word-association game. Ready? Summer movies. Did you think explosions and CGI? Maybe some people thought about movies that are actually set during the summer. Every summer we get a couple of summer movies – like last year’s The Way, Way Back – that focus on the parts of summer that don’t involve robot-dinosaur movies. Very Good Girls, which premiered at Sundance all the way back in January of 2013, is one of those movies. Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning star as best friends and recent high-school graduates who vow to lose their virginity before going to college. Sounds harmless enough, until they fall for the same guy. The film opens on July 25. The same day as Hercules. Enjoy the below trailer and the hours of laughs that come from imagining Dakota Fanning and the Rock standing next to each other.

Olsen and Fanning in the Very Good Girls Trailer