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Patrick Stewart to Read at a Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Event

LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 27: STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. LeVar Burton as Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge in
Photo: CBS Photo Archive

A couple weeks ago, LeVar Burton announced a Kickstarter to raise $1 million to make Reading Rainbow more accessible to all children through the web and in-school programs. They quickly passed that goal (which brought Burton to tears), so Burton set his sights higher — $5 million. He’s already at $3.6 million, but he has a plan to sweeten the pot. Burton will be hosting four Star Trek reading events in Los Angeles: one featuring classic women (Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, and Jeri Ryan), one with classic men (Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Robert Picardo), one with William Shatner, and one with Patrick Stewart. Tickets for each will be released incrementally, with early ticket buyers rewarded with a lower price. Right now it’s $1,200 for three tickets, and $1,700 for three tickets with a meet-and-greet. Beam yourself over to the Kickstarter page if you’re interested.

Patrick Stewart to Read at Reading Rainbow Event